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It's all about never giving up, never giving in......
finding your passions and chasin your dreams.

Work With Lori


Lori Griffith is not only a premiere photographer with an extraordinary eye for detail but she is filled with a passion rarely seen today. She captures the emotion of the moment providing her clients with a lifetime of cherished memories. She has done just this for our foundation, ChaseN'Tailz and our family for years and many more to come.

Summer Warren
Founder/Director of Chasen'Tailz KDW.


Lori is the gatekeeper to making dreams come true. Lori's has an unparalleled ability to see a story unfolding, and to pour her passion and purpose into it in a remarkable way, to capture the perfect moment and very essence of the ordinary magic of life. Without Lori's participation in our event and organization, it would have been impossible to communicate our message with such beauty and emotional resonance. Our success was propelled because of her breath-taking imagery. Chasin-a-Dream is more than a name, it is the ethos and driving force behind her artistic work. Lori is the rare professional who blends disciplined talent with heart-centric courage, and for my daughter, our family, event, organization, and community, she has been an angel.

Travis Suit
Founder, Piper’s Angels Foundation Inc


Lori Griffith is an amazing talent and I highly recommend her services.

We hired her to work our 4 day Kite Surf Summit event in California where we worked from dawn to late, late night. She has a magical eye and caught everything from our on water sessions, to morning health and wellness seminars. She also captured the magic when industry experts and professional athletes celebrate their achievements at our nightly parties.

So from action grabs and on beach locations to guest speakers and social events she can capture every moment so it'll last decades. Her personality made every guest feel relaxed and comfortable so she proved she can fit in any environment with confidence. Environment is very important because many hours were spent in chilly 20 MPH winds on the beach, sand blasting, water spray, etc. She deserved combat pay, but she kept telling me she was having fun. Hire Lori Griffith and ChasinADream Photography and you'll get the professional experience you desire.

Thank you Lori for all you do and we look forward to having you at all of our events.

Kurtis Shipcott
Kurtis Eyewear and Dr. Zipe Snow Goggles


I can't say enough about the importance of hiring a professional photographer for special events. Chasin a Dream Photography has captured the essence of the Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Fest & Mermaid Splash in photos with quality images that come to life. "

Tracy Smith-Coffey
Marketing, Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency